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Relocation Services and Resources in Austin

Because relocation support is a value added service for corporate employees, and an investment on behalf of the company, we provide relocation services focused on and committed to customer satisfaction and results.

Regent Property Group was formed BY the corporate executive FOR the corporate executive; therefore, we understand the ever increasing demands to improve performance while increasing the bottom line. Since people are your most valuable asset, it is vital for your firm to recruit and retain the best in the business in order to achieve your financial objectives. In order to help our clients stay one step in front of the competition, we provide relocation services focused on the needs of the employee, reducing some of the stress, headache, and time investment that comes with a move.

Because relocation support is a value added service for corporate employees, and an investment on behalf of the company, we provide relocation services focused on and committed to customer satisfaction and results. We apply professional business principles and standards to every transaction with a commitment to always providing the highest level of service, professionalism, experience, information, and technology.

How We Work

Single Point of Contact

Whether you have an employee coming or going, we provide the turn-key relocation support you need. To start, the subject employee “on the move” will be assigned a single point of contact responsible for all of their relocation needs and accountable for complete customer satisfaction and results.

Employee Evaluation

This person will conduct an initial employee evaluation in order to determine their needs, goals and budget. Following the evaluation, an action plan will be created and delivered to the employee outlining our recommended next steps and associated timing moving forward.

Home Sale and Purchase in Austin

Whether your employee is buying or selling a home in Austin, we have the tools and skills to maximize the value of their residential investment. We will work with your employee to prepare and list their home for sale utilizing our proactive marketing strategy to get the highest price for their home in the shortest amount of time possible. When purchasing a home, we will take the time to understand your employee’s needs, provide them with community and statistical information of interest, and identify the most suitable housing options. Your Regent Representative and/or local broker will provide personal tours of homes of interest and will negotiate on their behalf in order to accomplish their housing objectives.

"Best In Class" Local Brokerage

When buying or selling a home on behalf of our clients outside of Austin, we work with “Best in Class” local brokers and their realtors in order to provide top market knowledge and customer service. Since no one firm has the best realtor for every type of home in every market and subdivision, this strategy ensures that our customers will always achieve the best customer experience and results. Our Regent Representative will be involved from start to finish, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Home Condition Evaluation in Austin

When selling your employee’s home, we will provide a personal home condition evaluation to determine those improvements that need to be made in order to maximize the value from a sale in the shortest amount of time. We will provide a home staging and improvement recommendation report, which will be submitted to the employee for approval response.

Contractor Referrals and Coordination

Once in agreement with the homeowner on a home staging and improvement plan, we then refer and/or help coordinate contractors on behalf of your employee in order to get the home in the best condition possible for the sale. Since contractors are not employees of Regent Property Group we are not able to assume liability for their work, but we will reduce your employee’s time investment by doing much of the legwork for finding reputable contractors.

Home Purchase Assessment in Austin

Once a home is identified for purchase, we then refer and/or help coordinate contractors such as inspectors and other necessary trades in order to fully understand the condition of the home. An inspector report and other contractor documents will be provided to the employee along with recommendations regarding the purchase of the home and the associated negotiations.

Temporary Housing

When a tight schedule does not allow time for your employee to purchase a home, we work hand-in-hand with them to find adequate temporary housing. We will provide complete community information and statistics in addition to negotiating the rental agreement for space.

Move Coordination

Whether it is a group or individual move, we will identify the best available moving companies and manage the bid process to obtain the most competitive rate for moving services. We will coordinate the timing of the move in conjunction with the services to ensure timely pickup and delivery of the items to be moved.

Financial Counseling Coordination in Austin

Finding the best financing option can make a big difference in your bottom dollar savings when buying a home. We will work with your employee to identify one or more mortgage brokers and/or lenders who will provide advice and competitive financing options from which they can choose. We will be sure that your employee gets the financial assistance they need from a reliable professional in the financial industry.

Insurance Coordination in Austin

Whether your employee needs a new homeowner’s policy or other insurance such as auto, life or dental, we will find the right insurance professional/s to meet all of their needs.

Expense Administration

We work closely with your company and employee to solicit bids, obtain expense approvals, and ensure timely payments to contractors related to the home sale and purchase process. We also audit invoices for accuracy and disperse and file contractor receipts.

Career Counseling Coordination in Austin

More often than not, when an employee makes a move for a new job their spouse must make a job change as well. We assist by finding the right career counselor to help them find the best job in the shortest amount of time.

Relocation Policy Development in Austin

Many firms do not have an existing policy for relocation assistance and services. As a result, we can work with your firm to understand your needs and objectives and help you create a policy that meets your goals. We will make recommendations, suggestions, and help write the policy.

Contact Regent Residential for more information on our Austin relocation services.

Featured Agent

Brian Talley

Owner, Broker

Brian Talley
512-215-0565 ext1

From the beginning, the Regent team listened to exactly what I wanted and made a continuous effort to show me what I requested. They helped me narrow down my search through their wonderful and interactive website which allowed me to view homes in specific areas, saving precious time.  Once I found the home I wanted, they handled everything. Their vast contact list covered everything from lenders to termite inspectors. Of course they gave me the flexibility to use my own providers, but theirs were fantastic. They stayed in contact with me through the entire process and kept me updated on all progress. I was amazed to have my Realtor answer the phone in the middle of dinner to answer my questions! Also, their schedule provided the flexibility that I needed and I am sure they would provide the same for any of their clients....

- Brock Brunner

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